Why Trump Causes this American to Despair

How did America get here? Are you watching the same live TV I’m watching?

Here’s an easy way for you to assess my politics: I have never voted for a sitting president. I wasn’t eligible to vote for him the year Jimmy Carter took office. I’ve been a fan of his since 1977. In my first election, when Ronald Reagan ran against Carter and won, I walked home from college classes in tears.

I have cried over many elections since then.

I’m not going to list why I didn’t vote for this one or that one, just know that I had my reasons. I read, I assessed, I watched, I listened, and I chose.

And Often I Cried

I have been weeping for four plus years. I wept when the Democrats doomed the 2016 election by selecting the highly controversial Hillary Clinton to run against the highly idiotic Donald Trump.

There, I’ve said it flat out: I am in no way supportive of our current president.

Since before Trump’s election, though, I learned that to voice my opinion is to be attacked. In my country, speaking out no longer promotes discussion, but division and anger.

When Barak Obama was elected, I would discuss him with friends who were fans. We were able to dialogue about why I wasn’t keen and why they were. We talked, shared, educated, and came away still being friends. By the way, I hold value in the Obamas as private citizens — wouldn’t they be great to have wine with — I wasn’t wild about some of his policies.

Not anymore. I miss Obama’s unfailing humanity, his eloquence, his plans for a caring America.

I have been socially “unfriended” by any number of family members and friends I’ve had for fifty years. I, too, have chosen to cease some online connections. Every time I see your post screaming how brilliant Trump is, my stomach roils. To protect myself, the source of each of those posts is blocked. If it was a Meme, the Meme creator is blocked; if it was you, I no longer allow your posts in my feed. I can’t bear the inanity.

I do this to protect my heart rate and my sanity.

My Biggest Question Is

Are you not watching the same video I am watching? LIVE TV. This means, non-manipulated, non-edited, happening as I watch it, cameras-rolling, video.

With the release of the pre-election 2005 bus video with Trump saying he could do anything he wanted to women because he was a star, I thought, “Well, good, he just doomed himself. What woman would vote for him now?”

How wrong I was.

When Trump mocked the disabled reporter, I thought, “That should do it. Any kind person will see what an unrelenting bully he is and not vote for him.”

Wrong again.

Our Histories are Full of Mistakes

That’s just being human. We have laughed at the wrong things, we have implicitly agreed with mis-statements by others, even when those words made us uncomfortable. We do these things when we are young so that as we age, we learn from our mistakes, feel a proper embarrassment over them, then move on to become better people. The trick with making mistakes is to stop making them. It’s why I get upset when someone is held accountable for something they did when they were twenty, they’re now fifty and haven’t repeated that mistake. They learned. As have I.

I know in my past I said inappropriate things — words that came from a place of ignorance, of not knowing other than what I knew. As we grow, experience, meet a variety of people from a variety of places, and learn about other cultures, we change — or we should if our hearts and minds are open. I have learned. I will still make mistakes, but I hope that at sixty-one, I am woman enough to admit it, apologize in that moment, and move on.

Not so Trump.

In January of 2016, I listened to him announce, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Again, I thought, “He just finished himself off. What sane person would vote for him?”

I continued to be wrong.

Here we are, in an election year where the best we come up with to represent the broadest number of Americans is Joe Biden. I didn’t start out as a fan, but have grown to be. Biden is intelligent, but he is also another rich, white guy. At least he’s from a working town in northeastern Pennsylvania and has already formulated plans to fix our broken country.

My biggest fear with Biden was that he would choose a running mate the way John McCain saddled himself with dingbat Tina Fey — oh, wait, she’s the actress who brilliantly portrayed the Alaskan dingbat, Sarah Palin. Doomed. John McCain, the stalwart, honest, and true American hero I have admired since the 1970s, lost the election because of her.

Here we are with Kamala Harris. Go Biden! Good choice! Bravo for already showing that you will surround yourself with intelligent people.

I am a Registered Independent

Whatever year it was that I left the Democratic Party, I did so because I was fed up with their choices.

I’ve been accused of being too liberal by some. I choose to describe myself as a liberal socialist with conservative tendencies who believes in capitalism. How’s that for a mouthful? The beauty of America has been the strength of her heterogeneity. This means cultures, histories, and unique last names that describe heritages crossing the globe. America needs to take care of our weakest people to enable them to become strong.

We need the entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos who launches an idea that changes the way we shop forever. Communities must encourage and support small, independent business to keep our towns whole, our populations diverse and expanding.

We need people turning wealth into philanthropic endeavors. The world needs fearless women like Oprah, ethical business people like Warren Buffet, and foundations by folks like Bill Gates. The United States needs grass roots movements that grow into ways of life — of creating a better life. We need this multiplicity.

What we don’t need are more white, rich, politicians voted into office repeatedly because we’ve grown too lazy to investigate their histories and voting records and figure out if they got into office for us or for themselves. We need term limits, but since Congress and the Senate will never implement them, we have to be active voters and vote them out and new people in.

I Digress to Share Another Rant

George Washington had his flaws; his absolute worst one was owning slaves. Acknowledging that, I admire that when our new government asked Washington to be king, he declined. Hadn’t we just conquered a monarchy? When they asked George to be president, he declined, I just want to go home and farm. They asked him again to be president, and reluctantly Washington accepted.

That is the patriotic leadership we need — the individuals who say, I’ll do this because you’re telling me I have something to offer, not because I want to get in office and promote my own self-interests.

A Patriot is Not Who is Sitting in the White House

We have a divisive racist bigot who continually strives to drive our country into chaos. I see it. I see Trump for what he is as clearly as I see autumn’s arrival dimming the summer-dark freckles on my face.

Why don’t you see it?
Why can’t you explain your attraction to him?
Why can’t you provide solid facts to back up your adulation?
Why doesn’t he make you gasp in shock when he avers yet another outlandish solution to Covid-19 like shooting disinfectant inside a human body?

More Incredulity

After Charlottesville, I retched when I watched Trump say, “We have very fine people on both sides.” What? So people carrying torches and chanting, “Jews will not replace us,” and one who drives his car into peaceful protesters, are nice people? No, they really aren’t. They are Nazis, spewing hatred against people for no reason I comprehend.

Recently, it was Trump’s reTweets of QAnon. Read the description of their fundamental beliefs and explain to me how you accept their nonsensical nonsense? Trump has Reverend Jones’d his followers into believing and mainstreaming ludicrous theories that should never see the light of day in an intelligent society.

A logical person listens to scientists, not politicians, when it comes to dealing with infectious diseases. A sane individual adapts to medical protocols to cut down on the chances of getting or giving a potentially fatal disease.

A Christian follows — to the best of our human abilities — the teachings of Jesus Christ. We do not use our churches for photo ops, we do not use our Bibles as props. We humble ourselves and do the best we can to be good people.

An American does not disparage our serving military and our veterans by calling them “suckers and losers.” A leader does not urge militants to take over our state capitols, does not urge them to “stand back and stand by.” A leader quashes violence, stating that violence on our soil against our people is not the American way. A leader does not lie over 20,000 times — documented lies — during his time in office. A leader does not insist there is nationwide voter fraud when there are no facts to substantial the claim. A president does not bemoan that Anthony Fauci has a higher approval rating than him — what grown up does that?

America is No Longer Regarded as Intelligent

I have global connections from in-person travel and online writing. To a person, they are confused and horrified that the USA has fallen to the level of having a fifth grade bully in the White House.

They are as horrified as I.

How did we get here? America, land of the free, is dominated by a tyrant who thinks he is a dictator, adulation for him pouring off his minions.

I. Don’t. Get. It.

As I published this, 224,761 Americans have died from Covid-19. We own the highest number of deaths in a single country worldwide. More Americans have died from Covid-19 than died in World War I, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan — totaled. Think about that.

These events lead the world to look at us and ask, what happened to America?

And I wonder why anyone there would want to move here.

MusingsFromaRedhead.com. Author of The Writer’s Travel Journal — for your adventures. Essayist of humor, grief, & family — they go together.

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