Travel Adventures Don’t Have to Be Risky

I get dismayed when I see travel site after travel site inviting people to go on wilderness treks, venture into developing countries, or backpack across mountain ranges.

Hiking Kauai’s Na’pali trail (1st 2 miles) is enough adventure for me!
Yard work at my folks’ home

Merriam-Webster defines adventure as, “an exciting or dangerous experience. Or a remarkable experience.” I’m voting on exciting and remarkable over dangerous every time.

I’m not into purposefully having perils at home — at least I never set out to perform the treacherous. Except maybe when I slide across the newly polished, wooden kitchen floor in my socks, often screeching to a stop horizontally rather than vertically.

Self-inflicted crashes without leaving the house. Yep.


On the other hand, mightn’t my Welsh adventures last longer and not involve crutches if I stick to walking alongside cliffs, and gazing in wonder at rock formations, pounding waves, or soothing outgoing tidewater moving far from shore? You betcha.

Happy me hiking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path Author of The Writer’s Travel Journal — for your adventures. Essayist of humor, grief, & family — they go together.

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