Do You Marvel at the Differences in People?

Aren’t the differences between and within people among the most interesting observations we can make in life? The contrasts can be simple likes and dislikes or can go far deeper to our core beliefs and motivations.

Cosmos & Zinnia come in a broad spectrum of colors while the Sunflower is always the Sunflower — author photos

So are our outsides.

Thankfully, we humans come in a variety of shapes. We’re short/tall, big/small, angular/round. We have skin in multiple colors and various shades of those glorious hues. Some of us have dots on our skin — as a fascinated toddler from India once said of my August-speckled-with-brown, otherwise creamy-white arms. Her mom explained that they have no word for freckles — I laughed and accepted that dots they are!

The diversification of us.

But for our many variations in where we find pleasure or the thoughts we ponder, don’t you think that if you converse long enough with almost anyone, you can find some common ground, be it:

  • A secret affinity for 1960s Bubble Gum music. [Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes is a favorite.]
  • Summer’s true arrival for you is when the lightning bugs start glowing at dusk.
  • The family unit you were raised in, or the family atmosphere of unconditional love that enveloped you as a child.
  • Your educational backgrounds may be different, but you each chuckle at those crazy Three Stooges instead of The Marx Brothers.
  • Your spiritual beliefs and the path you walk. And why. Author of The Writer’s Travel Journal — for your adventures. Essayist of humor, grief, & family — they go together.

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